As National Archives of Malta, it is our duty and commitment, to be at the service of the public. Our aim is to ensure that our clients and visitors are warmly welcome with the utmost respect, courtesy and above all, by dedicated assistance. Our Reading Rooms are open to all, without distinction, and anyone who wishes to carry out research, they can do so freely by scheduling an appointment for research. Appointments can be booked either through  or by calling us on 21459863.

In our Readings Rooms, one can find various facilities to assist our clients in their research. Finding aids include digital databases, printed catalogues and a reference library.

Regulations and Procedures

Researchers must note that coats, briefcases or bulky objects are to be placed in the lockers outside the Reading Room. Mobile phones should be switched off or put on silent mode.

Only pencils can be used in the Reading Room. No mark of any kind shall be made on any document, and readers must not lean upon a document or place on it the paper on which they are writing. The greatest care must be exercised in handling documents and turning pages. Book pillows should be used in line with the instructions available in the Reading Room.

Download the NAM Reading-Room-Regulations

Reproduction of Documents

The National Archives of Malta offer various methods of reproduction of documents:

1. Digital Camera Usage
Policy – Clients may use their own digital camera as long as no flash is used.
Download the Digital camera usage policy

2. Researchers have at their disposal a High Resolution scanner, at their disposal to be used for documents up to A3 format.
Download the Document Scanning Policy and Guidelines

3. Clients may also request copies of documents both in hard or digital format.

Educational and Cultural Visits

Educational and cultural visits are an important component of our outreach programme. Through these events we can increase the awareness on the National Archives of Malta and about the treasures that are held under our responsibility. Educational Institutions and Cultural groups who are interested to book a visit, are requsted to contact by calling on 21459863 or by sending an email on

Visit by University of Malta, Department of History Students
Visit by St Thomas More College & Secondary School, Zejtun

Student Internship Programmes

Our Unpaid Internship Programmes are focused towards both local and international students coming from diverse academic backgrounds. These placements besides offering the opportunity to gain direct practical work and training experience in the archival sector they also offer the chance to learn about our cultural heritage. The duration may vary according to the needs of the students. Applications are to be sent to

A student cataloguing
Paul Engels German Intern 2023

“During my studies I fortunately had the opportunity to do an internship abroad and one thing is certain: It would definitely do it again in the National Archives in Malta! In total I had the possibility to take a look at the different fields of work in an archive for over 3 months. My main tasks during my internship were the digitalization and the cataloguing of documents to preserve the documents for the future. Furthermore, I have gained insight into the handling, storage and restoration of old documents. I am grateful that despite the pandemic, it was possible to gain so many new experiences and meeting the supportive and kind staff. Not only have I gained new work experience, I also developed on a personal level and improved my English skills. I can strongly recommend an internship at the National Archives of Malta and would love to repeat it again.”

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