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Oral and Audio-visual Archive

MEMORJA is the oral, sound and visual archive of the National Archives of Malta. The traces of the roots of the National Memory project, started in 2004, MEMORJA was launched in 2017 with the aim of developing into Malta’s main repository of national and public memory.

Portal of the European Archives

The Europe Archives Portal provides access to information on archival material from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions across the continent.

Friends of the National Archives

The objective of our organisation is to raise public awareness about the work of the National Archives, and the importance of preserving records of historical value.

News and Events


An agreement with the Notarial Archives Foundation


75 years since one of the biggest Gozitan tragedies


Preserving and make accessible the memory of the Maltese nation. The Photographic Archive of the Time of Malta

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