Reading Room Sessions

Whether you use the main Reading Room at the Head Office in Rabat, the Legal Documentation Section in Mdina, or the Gozo Section is dependent on the type of research enquiry you have. Records of the Law Courts for the period 1530-1899 are held at the Mdina repository. All other administrative records for the post-1800 period are held at the Head Office in Rabat. The records created by Gozo entities are to be consulted on site in Rabat, Gozo.  ​​

 On arrival please:
1.       Show an identification document (ID card or passport)
2.       Sign the attendance register
3.       Leave your bags, cases and pens in the lockers provided​​

You will be asked to observe a set of regulations to safeguard our collections.


Please refrain from:

  • Bringing any food or drink, including water, into the Reading Room
  • Using pens or ink – pencils are provided for your use
  • Removing any archival records from the Reading Room or interfering with the original order of papers
  • Marking or annotating original records in any way 

In the Reading Room one will find:

  • A reference library which helps the researcher understand the context of the subject being studied
  • A finding aids unit with a range of printed catalogues 
  • Copying facilities 
  • An information desk with a range of publications and information sheets  
  • Preservation tools such as foam book rests and snake weights to help you maintain the condition of the records       

When requesting archival items, simply fill in an order form and hand it to a member of staff. The items will then be retrieved from the strong-room and delivered to your desk. There is a limit to the quantity of items that a researcher may access and this is ten items per day. Researchers may have up to three items on their desk at any one time. 
                                      (Sewing a Manuscript)                             (Mechanical Cleaning a Manuscript)  


National Archives Resource Ordering Form​​



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