Opportunities and Activities

The National Archives promotes learning and new experiences for people of all ages through various opportunities. Some involve groups while others are for individuals.    

Whether you have a passion for history, want to improve your knowledge and skills, or simply wish to get involved in something worthwhile for Malta’s collective memory, volunteering at the National Archives can help you achieve your goals. There is the opportunity to be engaged in core archival tasks such as digitisation, reprographics, sorting, listing and repackaging archival material, and assisting researchers. Engaging in voluntary work can open up opportunities as a result of the skills and experience gained. The duration of voluntary work is different for every volunteer. All work performed by volunteers at the NAM is performed under the guidance and supervision of archival and paper conservation professionals.
School Visits:

Let school children uncover the intrigue of Malta’s political, cultural and social history at the National Archives of Malta. Teachers can book an educational visit and allow their pupils to experience direct contact with the documents.
The visits are free of charge and organised with teachers in such a way that the visit compliments the educational programme of the school. Visits can cover both general and more specific topics. ​​

Many secondary school, college and university students carry out internships at the National Archives. A large number of students from abroad choose to carry out three month internships arranged through a specialist educational institution here in Malta, while local students often carry out their practicum at NAM, as a requirement of their school or university course. At the end of an internship the intern receives a report detailing their work and achievements, boosting their CV and enhancing future job applications.
‘[…] Coming to Malta from the Czech Republic, this was a great opportunity to gain some foreign work experience and improve my English language skills. […] I am very glad that I was part of [the] archives for a few months and I have pleasant memories of this time. I really enjoyed my time at the National Archives and staying in Malta in general.’  

Lenka Burková, three month internship, 2016

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or for more information, please Contact us