Legal Documentation


The majestic palace houses the records of various tribunal court cases of the periods 1530-1900 - the order of St. John, the French occupation and the first hundred years of the British rule. These records were previously kept at the Grand Master's Palace at Valletta while the nineteenth century legal documents were transferred from the Law Courts. All other court cases for​ the past 1900 period are still in custody of the Law Courts in Valletta.
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The main entrance of the edifice housed the first phase of 'Memorja'​, which was inaugurated in March 2004 by the then President of Malta Prof. Guido de Marco. The gallery is attracting a considerable number of daily visitors to see an exhibition of portraits of Maltese personalities, photographed by Tony S. Mangion. Concurrently, the National Archives is working on the preservation of more than 90,000 portraits already in its possession.
In this view, the National Archives Act 2005 ​and the appointment of the first National Archivist signifies that Malta now has in place an effective legal structure for the protection​ of the country's archival possessions and to safeguard the collective memory of the Maltese nation.









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